Boost your understanding of CPRM

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This page is dedicated to deepening the level of understanding business leaders have around Commodity Price Risk Management (CPRM). 


What do we mean by 'commodities'?

An explanation of what commodities you may be exposed to, either directly or indirectly.


Success factors

5 key areas you need to get right when using CPRM to manage price volatility 

How well protected are you?

12 questions for you to consider regarding how well protected you are from commodity price volatility

Guest contribution: How CPRM is not just for the very big commodity players

The London Whale

A guide to what you can do to ensure you avoid the mistakes at JP Morgan that led to a $6bn loss.



If you're new to CPRM there's a lot of language to learn. This guide will help you understand the key terms.

Where should CPRM sit?

Who should be responsible for managing your price risk - Finance, Treasury or Sourcing/ Procurement? 

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Guest contribution: The democratization of commodity hedging - how even SMEs will benefit from CPRM