Industries we work in

If your company produces, trades, or consumes commodities,
then your profit margins are vulnerable to fluctuating material costs. 
That means you’ll benefit from help in navigating and managing
the risks you face from volatile commodity prices. 



Price risks aren’t exclusively the domain of the supply side (i.e. buying them), but also the sales side (i.e. selling them). So our clients are from all sorts of industries, including:

Food & beverage manufacturing/ wholesale/ retail

FMCG manufactuing

Industrial products manufacturing

Transport, travel & leisure



...and any company that is a large consumer of a single commodity (e.g. energy)


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Roles we work for


Managing commodity price risk often requires several functions to work closely together. We have a wealth of experience of working with cross disciplinary teams to get the best possible results: 

Finance –  Finance is obviously interested, given the risk to profitability and opportunity to improve it. It’s also involved from a planning and forecasting perspective, and as the function usually responsible for corporate governance

Treasury – Treasury is increasingly responsible for commodity price risk. It also typically manages a company’s hedging

Supply Chain/ Procurement – The Procurement team owns and manages supply contracts, so they are vital in working with us to determine opportunities

Commercial/ Sales and Marketing – In addition to representing the voice of the customer, sales and marketing often also provide useful insight into what’s possible in terms of improving margins



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