Useful sites from elsewhere on the web

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There's a wide range of really useful sites on the web to help you manage commodities, from news sources, to analysts, to service providers. We've listed below many that we find valuable.


Each site is tagged as one of the following:  

Analysts | Education | Market data | News | Risk management

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Spend Matters are analysts and commentators on the broad world of procurement and supply chain. They frequently publish thoughtful and insightful content; some paid for, some free of charge.


Yale has published virtually all their course content, free to the world. Amazing. Especially useful is their Department of Economics's courses.


White Commercial Corporation is an interesting advisor that helps grain elevator owners and cooperative leaders navigate every stage of their business lifecycle.


Market data
A look at global weather patterns for the weather geek. 


Market data
The Observatory of Economic Complexity - is a tool that allows users to quickly compose a visual narrative about countries and the products they exchange.

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Market data
A massive database of economic indicators from across the world.


Market data
An innovator and disrupter in the FX space. With New Change FX you can measure your FX execution with live, accurate and independent benchmarks.


Market data
Used by forecasters and financial institutions as a source of information on weather and climate risk, e.g. to identify demand risks and mispriced markets.

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Market data
A Fintech start up using machine learning and geopolitical data, news stories and fundamentals to build a price prediction engine. Only focused on oil at the moment, but other commodities will follow.


Market data
Maps of the world's major cash crop growing regions from the United States Department of Agriculture.

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A good source of UK/ European energy news. 

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A great daily podcast on American agricultural commodities.


Risk management
A cloud based supply chain risk management platform