We believe many businesses are not getting the right support to manage their energy and other commodity costs well. Our aim is to bridge that gap and deliver you a wealth of benefits.

Problems you might face

Weak strategy & planning

An under-developed strategy, leading to uncertainty over plans for the future and what to prioritize.

Many external pressures

Volatile prices. Sustainability pressures. And suppliers that need to be professionally managed.

Unscrupulous brokers

Too many brokers have opaque charging structures and deliver substandard service levels.

Seismic market changes

Fundamental shift to decentralised energy networks, digital disruption and a carbon revolution.

A need for better systems

Lots of data but too much human intervention, a lack of insight, and weak governance.

Sub-optimal hedging

Poor hedging performance due to weak advice and unsophisticated trading strategies.

The benefits we can help you achieve

Savings of 20% off your total bill are not uncommon.

And there are many other non-financial benefits too.

Getting the right strategy for your needs in place is crucial. We analyse your business to understand your energy and sustainability issues. Then we build the right strategy that reduces costs and informs your future planning and decision making

You get:

  • An energy strategy – plus detail about the right structure, skills, systems and culture you need to achieve your strategic aims
  • An advanced hedging strategy and the essential governance ‘safety-net’ you need around your hedging activities
  • A set of KPIs to track performance against your aims
  • A series of opportunities to improve performance
  • Future proofing – you will have confidence that your decision making is helping to achieve your long-term goals
  • Insight into how others manage energy
  • Development of your existing teams
  • Greater cohesion across finance, treasury, operations and procurement

Increasingly it’s about doing what is right. Your energy costs will come down by being intelligent about how you source your energy.

Be great at buying energy

  • We know what suppliers want in a client. To help keep your costs down we’ll help you work towards that ideal
  • You will benefit from our years of experience in tendering and negotiating the right contracts, and then holding suppliers to account
  • By reducing the risk of price shocks you get great greater budget certainty
  • Our advanced and active hedging strategies have often reduced long term energy costs by 10-20%
  • We’ll inform your decision making around when is the right time to hedge – and when to stay unhedged
  • We will automate the essential position reporting and governance needed for effective hedging with our proprietary platform

Make your own energy

  • We can guide you through the financial and operational opportunities available from adopting a renewables strategy
  • We will help you develop procurement and asset management options
  • Our deep PPA knowledge and experience can support and implement any structured long term deals
  • We can help you get comfortable with the associated risks from PPA’s
  • We can shine a light on the potential for you to offset grid pass-through costs

By optimising how you monitor, control and reduce your energy consumption you can:

  • Reduce costs by typically 15% – and potentially much more
  • Reduce your energy demand and consumption
  • Identify inefficient processes and plant
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Improve asset condition monitoring and management
  • Support investment decisions
  • Lower your carbon footprint

We’ll guide you through the process from identifying the opportunities available, prioritising them, and bringing them to reality.

With organisations facing external sustainability pressures, and it increasingly being a Board issue, now is a good time to be focusing on how you reduce your long-term carbon footprint.

An essential element to effective energy management is a robust data platform. This will support not only your sustainability efforts, but also most and other energy management activities, enabling you to:

  • Improve consumption forecasting and budgeting
  • Measure and track your carbon footprint
  • Monitor and report energy usage and track savings
  • Validate your supplier invoices

By using modern Commodity Price Risk Management techniques you can both protect the business from the extremes of price volatility, and take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

The concrete benefits are immediate and include:

  • Effective hedging reduces your commodity costs by 15-20% over the long term. We have helped our clients to save hundreds of millions
  • Greater certainty and more predictable outcomes
  • Better forecasts, and a longer term view of projections
  • Stabilization of cashflows
  • Better long term margins
  • Better informed and faster decision making
  • It ensures emotion, greed and fear do not overly dictate hedging decision making
  • Less stress and less risk
  • Improved supplier relations, who value the longer term relationships built on trust and co-operation that result
  • Improved investor confidence

Who we work with

We work with companies head-quartered in UK, Europe and the US. And we’re able to service their global needs

For energy we work across all sectors. For commodity price risk management our clients tend to be in either the manufacturing, wholesale or retail of food & beverage, FMCG and industrial products.

We work with Finance, Property, Energy and Procurement teams and are able to operate effectively with people from the Board down.

Brokers suck

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a lot of unscrupulous brokers out there. We think that the service provided by too many brokers and TPIs (third party intermediates) falls way short of what large buyers of energy need.