Price volatility | Commodity Price Hedging Strategies



Risks are inevitable. 
Avoiding them is impossible. It’s what you do about it that makes all the difference.








Price volatility | Commodity Price Hedging Strategies



Risks are inevitable. 
Avoiding them is impossible. It’s what you do about it that makes all the difference.







What we're all about

We love volatility. Well, we love what it can do for your business. 

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This is where we thrive – guiding companies through the risks inherent in this volatility. We show them how to protect themselves from the risks. And how to profit from them.

Getting it right will create several high value benefits that underpin successful business in the 21st century:

- Stable and improved profits

- Increased earnings certainty

- Better governance

- Competitive advantage

- Improved reputation with financial analysts and banks



And we do this in a way that reflects Flow&Ebb’s values:
a way that is smart, candid and clear.

How we do what we do

We take something complex – and show you a simple way through it. 


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We do this by taking the practices developed in energy trading, and applying them to all commodities. This doesn’t mean we’re trying to buy at the bottom of the market – few ever successfully achieve this. What we do is to use contractual flexibility and financial engineering to take advantage of falls in price and protect against upward swings. 

We also…

...make sure your commodity risk strategy reflects your business strategy. you put in place all you need to be effective.

...define and measure your commodity price risks.

...use sophisticated approaches to information flows.

...carry out quantitative analysis to drive intelligent and real time risk and trade modelling. This determines the most effective trading strategy - either physical trading or financial hedging.

...provide frequent communication in the form of retrospective, prospective and governance reports.


What are we?


Flow&Ebb is a consulting and technology business that helps organisations navigate the ever-changing terrain of the commodities landscape.


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Amidst the constant motion of commodities markets can be found something solid and something smart, something that will guide organisations smoothly through the tumult, knowing the fluctuations and associated risks both inside and out.

That something is Flow&Ebb.

Flow&Ebb offers a range of services designed to safely navigate companies through the ups and downs of volatile commodity prices.

Our values


Being smart is crucial not only to our success, but also to our survival. We strive to be consistently smart in everything we do. Smart is not just about intelligence. It manifests itself in many ways: Accuracy. Commerciality. Worldliness. Insightfulness. Complex mathematical algorithms. Wise risk boffins. Efficiency. Well presented. Quick-witted. A great experience. Highly capable. And ultimately, reassuring.


We want to be respected for telling it how it is. Being open and honest with our clients, be it good news or bad, is key. This breaks down into two parts: first the raw data and facts – they are what they are. Then there are our opinions and view points on markets and what we believe is likely to happen and why. 


Reducing fear by being clear - it's at the heart of the Flow&Ebb experience. What we do is often complex. We stop it from being complicated. There is inevitably lots of data analysis going on. We make sense of this, and show it in impactful and easy to digest ways.

The management

Richard Cockburn


Richard brings a wealth of knowledge in trading, risk management and financial modelling honed over a period of 20 years, primarily in the energy markets. He has an innate understanding of how markets work as a result. In 2003, he set up Powerisk, applying his experience to develop innovative risk management solutions for large corporates. In doing so, he realised the same approach could be applied to all commodities, not just energy, and the idea for Flow&Ebb was born.

Tom Lawrence


Tom’s world concerns a different type of energy. He cut his teeth on the leadership team of procurement specialist Proxima building it from a start-up in the 1990s to a 250+ strong international business. His experience is multifaceted, working across strategy, operations, procurement, client management, marketing and HR.

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Matthew Eatough

Non-Executive Director

Matthew is the founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of Proxima, a leading provider of procurement solutions in the US and Europe. Proxima is a strategic investor in Flow&Ebb, strengthening Proxima’s service offerings to its blue chip clients.


Toby Eccles OBE

Non-Executive Director

Toby is the founder and Development Director of Social Finance. Social Finance partners with government, social sector and the financial community to find better solutions to society's most difficult problems. Prior to this, in the commercial world, Toby worked in corporate finance at UBS Warburg, and built a next generation internet protocols business for Data Connection, a leading UK software company. Toby holds a BA in Maths from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.