Change is inevitable. Avoiding it is impossible. It’s what you do about it that makes all the difference.

Our clients benefit from our unique make-up

We have decades of procurement consulting experience to help keep your costs down and ensure contractual flexibility.

We take a strategy-led approach to give you the right long term plan.

At our core is an appreciation of risk management techniques, so that we can help you to manage your risks effectively.

We have an in-depth understanding of the drivers of markets, combined with up-to-date market awareness, to inform you in the right way.

How is Flow&Ebb different

  • We only work for clients with large energy or other commodity spends. (We believe you need a more intelligent approach than most energy brokers/ TPIs provide)
  • Unlike brokers who want to take it all away from you, our aim is to empower you to make better decisions. We’re on the same side of the negotiating table as you
  • We put in place advanced and active hedging techniques for our clients delivering large savings – a major step beyond the techniques many brokers employ
  • You receive a higher quality service than our competition provides
  • We work with a relatively low number of organisations – our model is to service a few very, very well – rather than to push a high number through a sausage machine
  • We don’t take commissions – we get paid directly by you on transparent fee structures
  • We want to help you to reduce your demand. Anyone on a commission is incentivized to keep consumption high, and costs high
  • We are not trying to be the cheapest – we’re trying to enable the best outcomes for clients by focusing on the quality of our advice. What’s better: to reduce the price you pay for advice by 10%, or to reduce your costs by 10%?

Our values


Being smart is crucial not only to our success, but also to our survival. We strive to be consistently smart in everything we do. Smart is not just about intelligence. It manifests itself in many ways: Accuracy. Commerciality. Worldliness. Insightfulness. Efficiency. Quick-witted. Capability. And ultimately, reassurance.


We want to be respected for telling it how it is. Being open and honest with our clients, be it good news or bad, is key. This breaks down into two parts: first the raw data and facts – they are what they are. Then there are our opinions and view points on what we believe is likely to happen and why.


Reducing fear by being clear – it’s at the heart of the Flow&Ebb experience. What we do is often complex. We stop it from being complicated for you. There is inevitably lots of data analysis going on. We make sense of this, and show it in impactful and easy to digest ways.

Our partners

In 2015 Proxima made a strategic investment in Flow&Ebb. Proxima is a leading provider of procurement consulting, managed services, and on-demand solutions, operating in the U.S. and Europe. Their procurement and industry experts bring a unique set of specialist knowledge and experience to identify business opportunities, highlight gaps and explore new ideas by helping clients take control of their external spend, changing the conventional view of procurement from an administrative function to one of a strategic driver of value. Proxima provides modern procurement for the modern business.

When appropriate, Flow&Ebb operates in a complimentary way alongside existing Proxima engagements.

Flow&Ebb is Actum’s chosen partner for Commodity Price Risk Management solutions in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Based in Greece, Actum provides a wide range of procurement efficiency improvement services for all types of organizations. Actum’s consultants are highly experienced in delivering solid value procurement solutions. Their goal is to boost performance by combining know-how and technology in strategic procurement, eSourcing, commodity price risk management and overheads cost control.

Our team

Our experienced team are masters of energy

Richard Cockburn


Richard brings a wealth of knowledge in energy, trading, risk management and financial modelling honed over a period of 20 years, primarily in the energy markets. He has an innate understanding of how markets work as a result. In 2003, he set up Powerisk, applying his experience to develop innovative risk management solutions for large corporates. In doing so, he realised the same approach could be applied to all commodities, not just energy, and the idea for Flow&Ebb was born.

Tom Lawrence


Tom’s world concerns a different type of energy. He cut his teeth on the leadership team of procurement specialist Proxima building it from a start-up in the 1990s to a 250+ strong international business. His experience is multifaceted, working across strategy, operations, procurement, client management, marketing and HR.

Matthew Eatough

Non-Executive Director

Matthew is the founder and Executive Chairman of Proxima, a leading provider of procurement solutions in the U.S. and Europe. Proxima is a strategic investor in Flow&Ebb, strengthening Proxima’s service offerings to its blue chip clien

Toby Eccles OBE

Non-Executive Director

Toby is the founder and Development Director of Social Finance. Social Finance partners with government, social sector and the financial community to find better solutions to society's most difficult problems. Prior to this, in the commercial world, Toby worked in corporate finance at UBS Warburg, and built a next generation internet protocols business for Data Connection, a leading UK software company. Toby holds a BA in Maths from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.