Change is inevitable. Avoiding it is impossible. It’s what you do about it that makes all the difference.

Our Leadership Team

Our experienced team are masters of energy



Richard brings a wealth of knowledge in energy, trading, risk management and financial modelling honed over a period of 20 years, primarily in the energy markets. He has an innate understanding of how markets work as a result. In 2003, he set up Powerisk, applying his experience to develop innovative risk management solutions for large corporates. In doing so, he realised the same approach could be applied to all commodities, not just energy, and the idea for Flow&Ebb was born.




Tom’s world concerns a different type of energy. He cut his teeth on the leadership team of procurement specialist Proxima building it from a start-up in the 1990s to a 250+ strong international business. His experience is multifaceted, working across strategy, operations, procurement, client management, marketing and HR.


Non-Executive Director

Matthew is the founder and Executive Chairman of Proxima, a leading provider of procurement solutions in the U.S. and Europe. Proxima is a strategic investor in Flow&Ebb, strengthening Proxima’s service offerings to its blue chip clients.


Non-Executive Director

Toby is the founder and Development Director of Social Finance. Social Finance partners with government, social sector and the financial community to find better solutions to society’s most difficult problems. Prior to this, in the commercial world, Toby worked in corporate finance at UBS Warburg, and built a next generation internet protocols business for Data Connection, a leading UK software company. Toby holds a BA in Maths from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.

Our Approach

Whether it’s an Energy or a wider Commodity Price Risk Management consulting project, the approach we take typically follows the following path:


We start most projects by working to understand your current situation, needs, frustrations and plans. Our aim is to understand how well your existing strategy and approach is meeting you needs, both today and in the future.


We then build the business case for improving how it’s all managed, including the expected financial and non-financial benefits, and any associated costs.


You are then be in a position to make informed decisions around how to move forward: which opportunities to implement, when, and what external support is needed.


Our clients benefit from our unique make-up


We have decades of procurement consulting experience to help keep your costs down and ensure contractual flexibility.


We take a strategy-led approach to give you the right long term plan.


At our core is an appreciation of risk management techniques, so that we can help you to manage your risks effectively.


At our core is an appreciation of risk management techniques, so that we can help you to manage your risks effectively.

Our Values

Our values are the underlying philosophies that guide us as a business and our people, and they influence the way we interact with our clients, partners and supplier.


Being smart is crucial not only to our success, but also to our survival. We strive to be consistently smart in everything we do. Smart is not just about intelligence. It manifests itself in many ways: Accuracy. Commerciality. Worldliness. Insightfulness. Efficiency. Quick-witted. Capability. And ultimately, reassurance.


We want to be respected for telling it how it is. Being open and honest with our clients, be it good news or bad, is key. This breaks down into two parts: first the raw data and facts – they are what they are. Then there are our opinions and view points on what we believe is likely to happen and why.


Reducing fear by being clear – it’s at the heart of the Flow&Ebb experience. What we do is often complex. We stop it from being complicated for you. There is inevitably lots of data analysis going on. We make sense of this, and show it in impactful and easy to digest ways.


Here’s a summary of us, what we do, and what makes us different. 

1. In a nutshell, what do we do?

We enable large consumers of energy to make better, smarter decisions around all things energy, so that they reduce three things: Cost, Carbon and Risk.

2.What are the main benefits we generate?

By working with us, you will:

  • Be great at buying energy, have lower energy costs, and have fewer price ‘shocks’
  • Have the right long term aims, strategy & plan
  • Have a plan of action to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Generate your own energy where it’s right to do so
  • Use energy wisely & be more efficient
  • Be aware of the impact of your actions on your carbon/ sustainability aims

3.How do we achieve all this?

Our work is wide and varied, but ultimately we do the same three things: 

  • We enable you to make smarter decisions. 
  • We bring pace. 
  • And we get you to the right solutions for you.

4.How do we work?

We work as an extension to your teams (e.g. energy, property, finance, procurement) to be used as and when needed, turbo-charging you with expertise, know-how and resource. 

5.What size of companies do we work with?

Our clients are head-quartered in the US, UK and Europe. And we’re able to service their global needs.

6.Where are our clients based?

We only work for large businesses with high energy usage. We believe they need a tailored, more intelligent approach than most energy brokers/ TPIs provide.

7.What roles do we work with in a company?

We typically work with people in energy, finance, procurement and property. We’re experienced at engaging with and influencing people from the C-suite down.

8.Are you a big business?

No, we’re a relatively small business that prides itself on it’s reputation for exceptionally high service levels. 

9. Are we brokers? Do we take commissions? Do we have preferred suppliers?

No, no and no. We are fiercely independent (which interestingly means suppliers like to deal with us). We never take commissions. And we have no preferred suppliers. Therefore, we always work in our clients’ best interests.

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Our Clients

We work with companies head-quartered in US, UK and Europe. And we’re able to service their global needs.