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Our services

For some organisations, we provide an on-going service. For others, we do short term consulting projects focused on identifying ways to improve, and then helping to put the changes into place:

Energy consulting

Energy is the life force of every business, and increasingly is under scrutiny from the C-suite from cost, efficiency and sustainability perspectives. We’ll enable you to modernise and transform, so that you are great at buying energy, generate your own where right to do so, and use energy wisely and efficiently.

Energy management

If you are a large buyer of energy, we believe you need a higher quality service than the sausage-machine approach of many brokers, one that is tailored to your complex needs. And we don’t take commissions from suppliers, so financially we’re on the same side as you.

Commodity price risk management

We advise manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers on how to manage volatile commodity and raw material prices. Whether you are at the start of your journey or want to accelerate your plans, we’ll help you to improve your commercial performance by making faster and better informed hedging decisions.

1. Energy consulting

We like to keep things simple. We do this by considering your energy needs from four perspectives:


Be great at buying energy and make your own where right to do so

Energy Strategy

Have the right long term aims & plan


Use energy wisely & be more efficient

Sustainability & Insight

Be aware of the market & the impact of your actions

Every large buyer of energy is different with shifting internal needs, so there is no cookie cutter approach to the way we work. We pride ourselves on first understanding our customer’s needs and then delivering tailored solutions that not only save money but plan for the future.

Our consulting projects focus on finding ways to improve your situation.
Our work typically focuses on one or all of the following:

Energy strategy

We review your existing strategy, and your ability to deliver it. We benchmark you against other similar sized organisations. And we then suggest where to improve your strategy and how you need to boost your capability. It’s geared towards outlining ways for you to improve your performance, achieve better commercial outcomes, and be better prepared for an uncertain future.

Savings identification

We identify areas to reduce costs and improve how energy is managed and used across your lighting, heating, cooling and air management needs. This includes energy efficiency, hedging performance, capacity reviews, latest smart/ IoT technologies, and so on. If needed, we can conduct site audits to identify opportunities to improve your energy efficiency at a site level.

Hedging strategy

We review your hedging strategy (energy price risk management) and associated governance, assess how it all performs and suggest how it can be improved. We often find a few small adjustments to your strategy can have a big effect. And sometimes we shine a light on major areas of avoidable risk.

Net zero & renewables

The desire to be more sustainable has never been greater. We’ll help you to develop and then deliver a long term plan of action to drive down your carbon footprint.

Other projects

We’re happy to take on any brief. Here are some examples of recent projects:

  • Tendering / procurement activities.
  • Setting-up global energy management.
  • Energy performance contracts (EPC).
  • Energy data strategy and solutions.
  • REGOs and buying green energy.
  • Demand side response.
  • Private wires.

2. Energy management

In the ever changing and complex world of energy management we make things simple and easy to understand as well as control, measure and implement.

And we don’t take work on commissions, so financially we’re on the same side as you.

Our service typically involves:

  • Setting up and running advanced trading and hedging strategies, and then on-going advice on when and when not to hedge
  • Global or multi-national solutions as required
  • Daily tracking of your energy price risk position, using our proprietary AMO platform
  • Frequent market insight reports proactively giving valuable insights into what’s driving energy prices, putting you more in control
  • Procurement – tendering, negotiating, contracting activities
  • Energy data management, analytics and reporting
  • Adding and removing sites to your contract
  • Assistance with budgeting and forecasting
  • Bill validation
  • Capacity reviews
  • Supplier management – relationship, performance and contract management activities
  • Ad-hoc advice and guidance

Much of this might sound like the usual energy management service. And many ways it is – but we don’t turn the process into a sausage machine as we know that as our clients are all large users of energy, they need a level of service a cut above that. We provide a very active and conscientious service tailored to each client’s ever-shifting needs.

3. Commodity price risk management (CPRM)

Whether you buy agricultural grains, food and fibre, metals or pal oil, we advise large manufactures, wholesales and retailers on their commodity price risk management activities. We can help you to improve your margins by making smarter and better informed buying decisions.

Commodity / raw materials markets are volatile and dynamic, continuously peaking and troughing. So managing your exposure to those markets also needs to be continual and dynamic. We’ll show you how to navigate these ups and downs, stabilize earnings, reduce costs and, most importantly, enhance profitability.

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to fine tune your existing capabilities, we are experts at implementing and running CPRM.

How do we do this?

We help shine a light risks you face from volatile prices, how well you are protected and how you can profit further. The risk and the opportunity. By evaluating your current approach, we can show you where improvements can be made and then we’ll work with you to put them in place.

  • We typically work with closely with treasury and sourcing/ trading functions
  • We identify and quantify the relevant risks you face
  • We look at your risk appetite and how it’s reflected in your risk and trading activities
  • We review your existing strategy, your trading policy, your team structure, your data and technology requirements, the skills and staff you have and so on, with a particular focus on the essential governance activities
  • We benchmark you against other similar sized organisations
  • We look at the commercial terms you have with your suppliers

We review all this and then detail ways for you to improve your performance, achieve better commercial outcomes, improve how you measure and manage risk, and be better prepared for an uncertain future.

And, perhaps most importantly, we spend time making sure you and your teams understand the changes needed to ensure your commodity price risk management efforts succeed.

It’s complex – not complicated. And the results are simple:

Lower risk. Lower costs.

Greater certainty. Greater margin.

Commodities and raw materials where we have experience of helping organisations:

Soft commodities





How we do it

Whether it’s an Energy or a wider Commodity Price Risk Management consulting project, the approach we take typically follows the following path:


We start most projects by working to understand your current situation, needs, frustrations and plans. Our aim is to understand how well your existing strategy and approach is meeting you needs, both today and in the future.


We then build the business case for improving how it’s all managed, including the expected financial and non-financial benefits, and any associated costs.


You are then be in a position to make informed decisions around how to move forward: which opportunities to implement, when, and what external support is needed.