Renewable Generation

Our clients are either landlords, tenants, or both. We enable them to become generators and consumers of renewable energy, hitting carbon objectives whilst also securing optimum returns on their investment.

Our service involves:

Feasibility studies of renewable possibilities, such as solar PV and wind

Technical guidance and unbiased commercial advice

Assessment of finance options

Procurement activities and contractor management

On-site project management

How do we do this?

We enable the end-to-end project delivery of your renewable asset strategy, taking a potential site from an initial feasibility survey through to your new solar asset generating energy.


STRATEGIC: We assess the potential of a site and intelligently develop the plan, embodied in a feasibility report

TECHNICAL: We develop the optimum design, specify and procure the right technology, contract the installation and manage the delivery of it

COMMERCIAL: We ensure it all stacks up financially and achieves optimal commercial outcomes for you

Why Now?

The world of renewable energy is colliding with traditional power. As a result, renewables now affects power pricing. This is creating fundamental changes to the energy system, and we are positioning our clients to be part of this.


Who we work for

We work for landlords and tenants helping them become generators and consumers of renewable energy.

The benefits we generate

Integrate renewable generation into your overall energy mix

Hit carbon objectives

Secure the optimum return on your investment

Lower energy bills

Guard against future price risk

What’s unique about Flow&Ebb Renewables?

Through our unique blend of deep energy market knowledge and renewables expertise, we understand how power pricing is expected to evolve over the long term.

Implementing the right renewables strategy

Renewables are becoming widely adopted, but it’s still a nascent market and the market is filled with stories of woe. And achieving net zero is going to be capital intensive. Off-balance sheet funding is hard to achieve for many. So managing your credit risk is increasingly important and is often an issue for businesses. A successful renewables programme requires:

  • The right strategy and plan – e.g. when and how do you incorporate battery technologies, electric vehicles, etc.?
  • A long term perspective, and access to long term price curves
  • Funding
  • Effective procurement to ensure you engage with a contractor under the right terms, and select the most cost effective and best-fit panels, inverters, etc. for your needs – and not simply the ones the contractor prefers to use
  • Insightful and accurate modelling of the benefits to maintain control over your destiny, as opposed to handing it over to a third party contractor

Through a unique blend of deep energy market knowledge and renewables expertise, we understand how power pricing is expected to evolve over the long term. Our clients rely on us to integrate renewable generation into our their overall energy mix, lowering bills, and guarding against future price risk.

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