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Energy is a broad and deep area. It can get technical very quickly. Using energy consultants like Flow&Ebb for expert guidance, experience and support is essential to ensure you make well informed decisions, achieve optimum commercial outcomes, prioritise the right areas, and have well thought through long term plans.

Common energy issues our clients experience in their efforts to become more efficient, sustainable, and profitable
  • A frequent issue we help clients to address evolve around risk and contractual issues
  • Knowing where and when you use energy is increasingly important to know how to reduce your demand, or to implement Demand Side Response. But equally important is having the right contractual flexibility to fit your energy reduction aims.
  • Integrating a renewables programme into your overall strategy also requires contractual flexibility – a 20-year PPA may give budget certainty, but at what cost? If you energy costs feed into gross margin you may be creating a major long term problem.
Examples of recent projects:

Energy strategy development

Power Purchase Agreements (physical and virtual) and private wires

Tendering of supply agreements and buying green energy

Dispute resolution

Valuing carbon

Energy data management


We’ll help you to make sense of the complex and often technical world of energy so that you make the right decisions and implement the best for solutions

We bring acceleration and speed to your projects

You will benefit from the commercial insight we bring as a result of our experience and frequency in the market

We work as an extension to your teams (e.g. energy, property, finance, procurement) to be used as and when needed, turbo-charging you with expertise, know-how and resource

We’ll help you to make sense of the complex and often technical world of energy and to avoid the costly mistakes others have made

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